~Hockey Update~
Blackhawks vs. Hampden Academy
Tuesday, February 27th @ Penobscot Ice Arena

Houlton Students with Olympia Snowe and their OLAS (adult mentors).
Front Row - Faith King, Tessa Solomon,Kaitlyn Smith
Back row - Jane Tores (OLA), Elizabeth Dunn, Olympia Snowe, Gabriella Guiod, Tracy Rockwell (OLS)

"The mission of the Snowe Woman's Leadership Institute is to elevate the confidence and aspirations of high school girls by helping them build the leadership, collaboration and problems solving skills needed to become successful in their lives, families, careers and communities. "

2017 Camp Kieve at Houlton Middle School

2017-2018 Student Handbook

Black and White Days Schedule 

 (Black Days are Underlined)

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing, in a safe environment, the support necessary for academic, vocational,and social achievement in an increasingly technological society. We encourage students to realize their potential, to appreciate diversity, to be life-long learners and to be responsible members of society.

Houlton Middle/High School


6th - 12th Grade
Marty Bouchard, Principal
Dan Hodgins, Assistant Principal
7 Bird St
Houlton, ME 04730
Phone:  207 532-6551
Fax: 207-532-6282

Academic Expectations

Problem Solving


Use of Technology




Civic/Social Expectations