Houlton Southside School Parent Involvement Policy & Plan

Policy Statement:

The Houlton Southside School, in accordance with RSU 29’s board policy, encourages parental involvement in all school activities and programs.

Title 1 Permission slip and Student, Parent, and Teacher Compact:

Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are requested to sign and return the permission slip within 5 school days of receipt. Parents, students, and teachers are asked to sign the compact before or at the first scheduled Parent/Teacher Conference.  As a part of our compact, parents are asked to provide home/school connections to ensure their child’s success.


Parents are informed by letter if their child is eligible for Title 1 services.  Parents will also receive periodic reports informing them of their child’s progress.

Parents are informed of and invited to activities throughout the year that give them a better understanding of what is expected of their child and the type of instruction their child will be receiving.  Activities that occur to meet the school’s Title 1 parent involvement requirements are:

  • Open House and/or Parent/Title Conferences

  • Every trimester newsletter and/or e-newsletter

  • District Website

  • Parent Engagement Activities

  • Email or phone calls

At year’s end, a survey will be distributed to all parents/guardians of Title 1 students for their feedback.  This survey is one method in which you assist the school in planning, reviewing, and improving the Title 1 program. 

Open House and Parent/Teacher/Title Conferences:

During Open House, parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Title 1 staff and ask questions.  Parents are strongly encouraged to meet with their child’s Title 1 teacher(s) to discuss their child’s progress at each Parent/Teacher/Title Conference. 

Every Trimester Newsletter and/or e-newsletter:

This newsletter and/or e-newsletter will be sent home or emailed to parents on a trimester basis. The purpose of this newsletter will be to inform parents of upcoming activities and give helpful tips in reading and math.  

District Website:

The district website is available to all parents at rsu29.org.  It provides useful information to parents. Listed are upcoming events and learning links for both reading and math.

Parent Engagement Activities:

Every year Title 1 parents are invited to meet with the director of Title 1 to receive an overview of the program.  Our Title 1 staff holds a meet and greet evening with activities to become acquainted with the Title 1 staff and to foster better communication among parents, students, and staff.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Title 1 staff at Houlton Southside School at 532-6027 or email Title 1 staff.

MaryAnne Hare maryanne.hare@rsu29.org

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