Special Services FAQ’s 

How will my child receive specially designed instruction? RSU # 29  special services will follow the same Remote Learning as regular instruction as much as possible.  

Will my child have access to related services? Our Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist and Social Worker are collaborating with teachers and families to provide related services based on IEP goals. 

My child has a 504 plan. Will he/she still receive accommodations? All 504 accommodations will be taken into consideration during remote learning opportunities. 

How will I be able to participate in IEP annual meetings? We will be scheduling annual IEP meetings during this time. These meetings will be held virtually utilizing Google Meet (to join on video) or a call in number. 

What about Section 504 annual meetings? Annual Section 504 meetings will be rescheduled upon our return to school. 

What if my child is scheduled to have a re-evaluation meeting? If we were unable to complete all components of a triennial evaluation, we will complete all pieces upon our return to school and then schedule an IEP meeting. 

What happens if my child was in the process of an initial referral? All initial referral requests will be processed and an IEP or 504 meeting will be scheduled upon our return to school. 

Will my child have access to social emotional supports: Our BCBA will continue to provide consultation services to teachers, special educators and parents. Please reach out for any additional supports you may need at this time. 

How will I receive special education paperwork? Due to limited access to the office, we will be using electronic communication for all special education and 504 documents. If you have not provided the school district with an email address, the IEP/ 504 paperwork may not be mailed in a timely manner.