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The Health Services Office serves all of RSU #29 schools. Our team consists of two full-time registered nurses.  We have several volunteers who help with various projects throughout the school year as well.

Our goal is to provide support services to RSU #29 students by caring for their health-related concerns during the school day. This includes the provision of first-aid for injuries, care for students who become ill during the school day and creation and implementation of Individualized Health Care Plans as necessary.

We provide the following services:  

Health Screenings

School nurses provide vision/hearing screenings.  9-12 baseline concussion testing for athletes.

Dental Health

The school nurse coordinates the fluoride varnish program at HES/HSS as well as dental sealants for students in specific elementary grades. 

You may reach the Health Services Office at Houlton Middle High School at 538-3815, the Elementary School at 538-3945, and Southside at 538-3878.  Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions.  We are available from 7:45 AM – 3:00 PM each school day. 

Harmony Beaton RN, BSN

Houlton Elementary/Southside

Fax: HES 538-3120

HSS 538-3140

Holly Hodgkins RN, BSN

Houlton Middle High School

Fax: HMHS 538-3130